Your Big Collection of Outrageously Ugly DIY Christmas Sweater Ideas

ugly Christmas sweater collageUgly Christmas sweaters are making a come back.  You should only wear them to Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties though.  Any other time, they are perfectly dreadful.  This collection of holiday attire is sure to tickle your funny bone and may cause a sudden urge to plan your own Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.


Using ugly Christmas ties to make a tree is a great idea. ugly christmas sweaterFound on

This sweater is boud to win you a major award!  ugly christmas sweater 2Found on

I think Rudolph might have eaten a few more things than he should have.

ugly christmas sweater 3Found on

You can’t get much more festive than a Rudolph sweater with antlers.

ugly christmas sweater 4Found on

This sweater is dreadfully wrong but oh so funny!

ugly christmas sweater 5Found on

This one has me wondering how he might go about sitting down.
ugly christmas sweater 6Found on

Bring the fireplace along with you.

ugly christmas sweater 6


You’re a mean one….Mr. Grinch. ugly christmas sweater 8

For the gangsta in you.
ugly christmas sweater 9Found on

Trek the halls!

ugly christmas sweater 10Found on

This apron is awesome.  ugly christmas sweater 11Found on

Look!  It’s that creep Elf on the Shelf!

ugly Christmas sweater 12

Gangnam style is always a good option.  Right?ugly christmas sweater 13Found on

The use of fuzzy balls on this sweater is delightfully horrid. ugly christmas sweater 15Found on

I think the cowboy hat is a nice addition to this classy sweater.  ugly christmas sweater 16Found on

If you love the idea of an ugly Christmas sweater but don’t have what it takes to wear one…..try making your very own ugly Christmas sweater ornament.

ugly christmas sweater 17Crafts by Amanda



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