Valentine Window Dreamcatcher: A Timely DIY Home Decor

The Valentine window dreamcatcher that we will be teaching you today will be out of the ordinary since ages ago, the traditional dreamcatchers that we often know are made from a woven willow and it also has sacred items on it like the feathers or the beads. This Valentine window decor can be used to lighten the mood during the Heart’s season and would definitely be a charm especially during the day where sunlight is available.

We will be upcycling a material and will be using common crafting materials, too. It is not that expensive to create this DIY project and what’s great about it is that it can be done by beginner to intermediate crafters. This can also be done by younger ones, but of course with the help of a parent or a guardian.

So if you are a kid who wants to surprise your parents this Valentine’s Day, or a mid-aged crafter who wants to create a Valentine-atmosphere on their respective rooms or even living area, then this is the perfect DIY project for you! Let’s begin crafting!

Prepare all the needed materials for the Valentine Window Dreamcatcher

  • A piece of brown multilayered cardboard
  • A piece of orange cellophane
  • Several pieces of construction paper in assorted colors
  • A piece of wooden skewer
  • A pencil
  • A paint brush
  • A red acrylic paint
  • A pair of scissors
  • Small amount of water
  • A piece of cotton ball
  • A white glue
  • A cutting mat
  • A cutter or an X-acto knife

Step-by-step process of creating the Valentine Window Dreamcatcher

Step 1:  Draw a medium-sized heart on a piece of cardboard. Draw a smaller heart right in the middle of the first one.


Step 2:  Cut the outer lining of the big heart on a cutting mat using a cutter or an X-acto knife.

Step 3:  Carefully cut the inner lining of the heart cardboard. This can be easier of you will divide the inner area into different segments or maybe a quarter of the heart and cut it per segment.

Step 4:  Your heart must look like this when properly done.


Step 5:  Corrugate the printed side of the cardboard heart using a piece of a wooden skewer. The pointed side of the skewer will be inserted into the space on the side of the heart. Make sure to insert the wooden skewer in an alternate fashion to achieve the proper way of corrugating it. Pull the upper layer each time you insert the skewer on the spaces in between.


Step 6:  Trace the corrugated heart on another piece of brown cardboard. Trace both the inner and the outer edge of it.


Step 7:  Cut the inner and the outer lines of the second heart cardboard


Step 8:  Paint both cardboard hearts with red acrylic paint. Let it dry for about an hour before proceeding to the next step.


Step 9:  Brush a considerable amount of white glue on the plain cardboard heart or the second heart.


Step 10: Carefully place the stretched orange cellophane on top of the glued side of the cardboard heart.

Step 11:  Cut the excess cellophane.


Step 12:  Brush considerable amounts of white glue on the wrong side of the corrugated board heart.


Step 13:  Carefully place the glued corrugated heart on top of the second cardboard heart with cellophane. Take note that the cellophane should be sandwiched in between the two cardboard hearts.


Step 14:  Let the glue dry for about an hour before proceeding to the next step.


Step 15:  Wet the cotton balls with a clean water.


Step 16:  Uniformly swab the wet cotton directly on the cellophane in the middle of the heart in one direction only. This wet cotton ball will allow the cellophane to further stretch it and make it more presentable.


Step 17:  Let the cellophane dry for about 30 minutes.



Step 18:  The cellophane would look like this once properly dried.


Step 19:  Randomly cut shapes of assorted colors from the construction papers.


Step 20:  Randomly place the colorful construction papers on the stretched cellophane in the middle of the heart. Let it dry for at least 15 mins and you are all set!


Finally done and ready for display! You can use this Valentine window dreamcatcher in two ways: either you hang it on your window by gluing a piece of nylon thread right on the middle of the heart or you can directly place this dreamcatcher on your glass window, of which, you will use a double-sided tape. Either way would be great, it would just depend on your personal taste and preference.
You can also create several pieces of this lovely window dreamcatcher and create several cool patterns on your window. Everything is possible with a creative mind. So try this one out! And make your Valentine’s day magical. Happy Crafting!

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