16 Summer Travel Life Hacks That May Save Your Sanity

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Summer brings road trips and family vacations.  With it, it brings the dreaded chores of planning and packing.  Here are a few life hacks that I found to help you with the not so fun parts of vacationing.

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Twisted Sifter

life hack muffin

Seriously For Real

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This hack requires a little bit of sewing, but such a great idea.  While He Was Napping

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Daily Dawdle

life hack 9

Seriously For Real

life hack 10

Seriously For Real

life hack 12

Use a disposable glove to keep your toothbrushes clean.  Put toothbrushes in the middle 3 fingers.  Use the pinkie and thumb to tie the 3 together.  GENIUS!

life hack1

This would have saved my back many times while navigating airports.
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Seriously For Real

life hack21Just Imagine


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