A Very Simple DIY Desert Terrarium


If it is cold where you are and today it is cold where I am (Ohio) so when a DIY project can bring a little warmth, if emotionally and not literally, then you have to consider it, right? I stumbled across this fun DIY terrarium made by 4men1lady.com and thought this would  be a great winter project. You get to build a desert in your home while watching the snow fall, at least in most states this Winter. The lovely creator behind this, Michelle, provides all the details such as materials you will need to buy and how to layer your terrarium and what plant to add to make your desert scene just perfect!

Terrariums make great gifts and I should know as I got one 2 years ago and it is still going strong with minimal upkeep. How minimal? I sprinkle water in it every 3 months and cut the grass with scissors when I do. It was a thoughtful DIY gift and they even put some figurines that meant something special to me. So don’t overlook the sentimental gift possibilities as well as the teaching opportunities a terrarium can provide.

4Men1Lady Build a Terraium

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