Refrigerator Painted to Look Like a Mason Jar


What a clever idea from Medina Grillo. She painted her refrigerator so it now looks like a yellow Ball mason jar. It seems an old refrigerator was the perfect canvas and her muse was a mason jar. We love the creativity her and we especially love the bold choice to go with a canary yellow as the paint color. We do think the vintage-style fridge helps pull of the transformation; using a more modern fridge just wouldn’t have pulled off the look nearly as well. All in all a project that looks fun; maybe we’ll head down to the junkyard and look for an old fridge ourselves? Nah, probably not. We’ll just admire this one from afar. 😉


Seeing the before and after pictures reveal that this project saved an ugly white appliance and made it into a beautiful yellow monument to the DIY person everywhere. Well done, Medina and thank you for sharing Ol’ Yeller with us. We loved it! Want to see more crafts with mason jars or more refrigerator makeovers?

Find out how this painted DIY project came to life.

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