Plumbing Pipe Shelves and Hangers

I love steampunk, but I don’t necessarily want my apartment or house to look too much like Steampunk, know what I mean? So I’m cool with having little Steampunk touches here and there. I also like the industrial look so that is a good match of styles, I think. I also loooooove books and so bookshevles are necessity in my place. A good book is better than a great movie or an “okay” boyfriend in my “book”. But I digress, here are nice collection of images showcasing how remarkably cool plumbing pipes can look when used as shelving.




plumbing pipe shelving



pipe coat rack

Sweet Sweet Life

pipe shelving in closet

pipe shelving idea

pipe shelf with lighting

pipe book shelf

vintage pipe shelving

vintage pipe shelf

shelf made from plumbing pipes

small pipe shelf

RH Baby & Child

Not a pipe shelf below, but a waaaaaay cool lamp with an Edison bulb!

pipe lamp

plumbing shelves with cat

No source for this shelving that I could find, but that cat is probably in Heaven…ruling over his human subjects. 😉

Steampunk Lamp Industrial Art Machine Age Salvage Steam Gauge

And I just added this because, well, its freaking cool, yes? Sorry, no source on this either. Dang it.


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