Old Crib Made into Children’s Table Desk


I have heard stories of Mom’s having a hard time parting with their baby’s crib. Sentimental reasons for holding on to precious if unneeded items is nothing new to me or to you I would bet. But this is sizable piece of furniture meant for a baby. And if your baby making days are over for good or just for a few years, it makes since to move it out…unless you and make it into a new piece of furniture!

So you baby won’t miss the crib (yes, you will), but your child will love the chalkboard table and the new memories they will make creating at this table. And then you can share all the stories of them keeping you up at night will crying in said crib. Crib to table, it’s a good thing!

a little learning for two gives the how-to on the Crib to Desk DIY project


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