Making Pomegranate Fortune Cookies for V-Day or Any Day


For a pretty interesting gift that both feeds and teaches, it is hard to beat the good ol’ fortune cookie. At first glance they can look difficult to make, but a homemade fortune cookie isn’t as hard as it seems. Amy K. has done a great job of showing us how it can be done and she even took it a step further by adding pomegranate juice for color and a nice fruit flavor. The really good news is these cookies can be used as Christmas cookies or Valentine’s Day fortune cookies, with love notes tucked inside. How racy you want those fortunes to be is totally up to you and your recipient.

Fortune: Your dessert shall be red, delicious and thoughtful. Your lucky numbers are 34,5,69,54,12,8.

Preparation help from What Jew Wanna Eat.


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