How to Make a Recycled Wine Bottle Tiki Torch


How can a cool idea be so hot? Easy when you are making a DIY tiki torch from a recycled bottle. What a great idea for your backyard makeover. Put all the wine drinking to good use and free up a couple of empty wine bottles. 😉 Even better you can choose what colors you like. I personally love the blue bottles with the orange flame, but to each their own, use whatever colors you feel match you backyard best.

The bottles really add a nice playful theme to any backyard and if you don’t have a privacy fence you can place a few wood posts in the ground and attach the wine bottle tiki torches to those. Best of all you can now trash all those flimsy bamboo torches and have something better and more beautiful to enhance you backyard.

We have provided this tutorial picture to make things easier, but you can also see more detailed instructions from the link at the bottom of this DIY post.

DIY wine-bottle-torch

Find out How to Torch your Backyard 😉

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