How to Make a Plastic Spoon Rose

Plastic spoon rose

Maybe the ultimate in recycled plastic art project. What a thrifty, nifty idea of using plastic spoons to make art, jewelry even. These plastic spoon roses are beautiful to see, but even more impressive to admire when you consider the simple yet creative idea it was to actually make them.

You can get the full set of direction on how to make a rose at Cut Out and Keep. I have also included some other pictures of plastic spoon roses but with a twist. The first picture shows this technique of melting plastic spoons, but with clear spoons. Cool.


This crafty gal got even more created and colorful when she painted her plastic spoons to make a brilliant, fiery rose.


Doesn’t this rose made from simple plastic spoons like it was made from porcelain. Amazing, right?

full_DSC00491_1303214372Get Crafty and Make a Dozen Plastic Spoon Roses


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