Make an Outdoor Swing from an Old Rocking Chair


What fun idea for an cheap, unused or upcycled chair. It doesn’t have to be a rocking chair, any chair with a solid base for sitting will do. I found 2 sets of instructions for this DIY rocking chair to outdoor swing project. The first set is here at Hus & Hem, but it was not in English so I provided the translation of the directions below:

A rickety rocking chair purchased at auction for $ 40 got new life as a happy summer swing in the garden. You can use virtually any chair with arms, so long as it is really sturdy.

What you need:

  • Burly chair with arms
  • 1×3 inch boards
  • Sturdy tie
  • Steel rings
  • Heavy duty snap hooks
  • Screws
  • Utomhuslim
  • Paint for outdoor use

To do this:

  1. Remove the bone and any runners from the chair.
  2. Saw a couple of crossbars of a board, at least 1×3 inch thick. They should be long enough to protrude outside of the armrest.
  3. Feel the balance of the chair is and glue and screw boards on the underside of the chair seat. Drill holes for the rope. Round holes edges so they do not toil in vain on the line. Tip: a short stub tube can protect the line inside the hole. Paint the whole swing in a favorite color.
  4. Try out a suitable tree branch strong enough to take a swing with an adult in. Climb up the ladder and prepare crotch with something that will protect it for excessive wear, such as a few pieces thick leather. Rig a pair of heavy snap hooks that hang at the same height a few inches below the crotch.
  5. Measure out how long the lines will be comfortably met. Attach a heavy steel ring in the middle of the line. The loose ends are threaded through holes and finished with loose knots until further notice.
  6. Hang up the swing. The rings are connected in snap-hooks. Make sure that the swing hanging straight by adjusting the length of the ropes. When you are satisfied, make sure the knots are secure.
  7. Try out and test yourself carefully before any child may try. Possibly it may be necessary to draw some lines in the armrests to prevent the swing tip backwards.

If you don’t like that DIY swing tutorial, here is another site, This DIY Life, that is in English with a similar set of instructions that you may find easier to follow.

Build A Swing from a Rocking Chair and Enjoy Summer

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