How to Make an Old Headboard into a Cool Bench

diy-headboard-benchAnother cool project from My Repurposed Life. Used headboards can usually be found for a decent price online. I would imagine you could score a headboard at your local junk yard or landfill for free if you are the scavenging type. I assume many of us are, right?

I included two pictures of headboard benches, one the more traditional bench shape and then my new desire for my foyer, a corner bench made from a repurposed headboard. How very, very clver and using the brass handle adornment is very helpful for moving the bench but even more stylish. It is tweaks like this that really make a piece of furniture standout, besides the very cool fact the bench used to be a headboard.

There are more headboard benches I found, so here are a few more pictures to inspire you. Which ones are your favorites?

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headboard bench 17DIY Headboard to Bench


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