How to Make an iPad/Tablet Stand with a Cutting Board


If you like to cook and have given in to the virtually unlimited number of recipes available online (as opposed to your cookbooks) then I’m sure you have rigged up something to keep your iPad/tablet upright so you can read the recipe. Although, you may want to try this too. This cutting board tablet holder is beyond cute and looks so good your friends and family will swear you bought it from Crate & Barrel or Pottery Barn. Of course when they find out this was a DIY project you will probably be making more for the same friends and family. 😉


The good news is this can easily be a cheap and fun DIY project so you may not mind making a few more DIY cutting board iPad stands. The idea is a great upcycle project for an old cutting board but you may have to purchase one. It also requires and old scrabble tile holder so you may have to steal one from your game, which I’m sure you play all the time. 😉 But just one missing won’t hurt, right? The final piece is a child’s block that acts as your backing to keep the cutting board and your tablet at good angle. But finding a piece of wood and sawing it off at an angle will do the trick too. All in all a very fun and extremely useful project. One of the best DIY projects I’ve found in terms of look, ease and functionality. Give it a try and send me a pic if you do. I’ll post here and on our growing facebook account. Please subscribe if you haven’t already.

You can find the full instructions at Mamie Jane.

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