How to Make a Hot Air Balloon to Fly in Your House


Found this adorable craft project from Craft and Creativity. Making hot air balloons from paper lanterns seems like a no-brainer. I’m just glad Helena did it and did a fantastic DIY job. The site is written in Swedish so I translated some of it here to give you a glimpse into what she has done.

“I thought I’d show you how you can make pretty hot air balloons out of plain paper lamps (Chinese lanterns). What you need is first and foremost one or Several round paper lanterns. The lanterns will be covered with decoupage paper (tissue paper or patterned napkins overpriced work well) and in addition to That You need decoupage lacquer (or Mod Podge) and a brush. I used Baker’s twine for strings. Small baskets can be found at the flea market for a small penny, or you can use a paper bag or an old tin can. My basked was painted with white acrylic paint and decorated with a piece of Baker’s twine and pennants made ​​of fabric tape.” – Helena

Here are the picture instructions for making your own hot air balloons from paper lanterns. Here site has much more detail and can be translated. I just thought the finished project was cute and playful. Great for a little girl’s room or hanging in a sun room.

paper-lantern-hot-air-balloon-instructionsMake your Own Indoor Hot Air Balloon from a Paper Lantern

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