How to Make a Mobile Phone Case Cover – 20 Creative Ideas


Anyone got a smart phone? I should say anyone not have a smart phone? If you do, then you probably have a case cover for your phone, whether it’s an iPhone, a Droid phone or any other smart phone. And since you are here, you are probably a DIY or craft person and that means you may want to make your own phone case at home. Here are 20 DIY phone case ideas to get you started.

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diy phone cases-26

Get a cross stitch kit to make a Cross Stitch Case. Find it at Amazon.

diy phone cases-25

Show your true colors with a Sharpie Tribal Print which can take some time, but is very striking. It is truly a one of a kind iphone case made by you.

diy phone cases-24

Not only is this Wool Felt Sleeve a phone protector and case it can also double as a wallet.

diy phone cases-23

There is a great tutorial for a Spray Paint Lace Case which will give you a look you won’t find on other phone cases.

diy phone cases-22

Get an 80s vibe going by using neon studs to make your own  Neon Studded Case – your phone will feel totally rad!

diy phone cases-21

Brit + Co. has done some quick DIY phone cases using Chevron + Doily Cut-Outs

diy phone cases-20

Go artsy with an Impressionist Case – you can use fabric or your own prints to make a DIY phone case masterpiece.

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Feeling a bit more like leather than lace? Try following this DIY phone case tutorial for a Leather Envelope Case

diy phone cases-17

Mod Podge makes this phone a starry, starry night – Starry Case

diy phone cases-16

We all love studs…ahem…I mean on our phone cases, right? Gold Studded Case

diy phone cases-14

Get your glitter on with this sparkly phone case you make yourself – Glitter Case

diy phone cases-13

Maybe you want to make something for your boyfriend or at least a bit more primitive, try this DIY Leather Case for your phone.

diy phone cases-12

Ooh, La, La this phone case has got it going on! Pearl Case

diy phone cases-11

Got no money? Try using duct tape. A Duct Tape Case says you know how to do things frugally.

diy phone cases-10

Don’t want to use duct tape on your phone case? What about a Washi Tape Case to make your phone case stylish.

diy phone cases-9

Now this I like – a Pressed Flowers Case is a thing of true beauty.

diy phone cases-7

Never get lost with your smart phone again! At least with the map of your area on the phone case – Map Cases may be all the new rage in phone cases.

diy phone cases-4

Can’t decide on one picture for your phone case? Photo Collage comes to the rescue!

diy tudded phone case

Another stud case? Yes, I like them, so there.


And here we end with a DIY phone pouch.

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