How to Make Cookies That Look Like Flip Flops


What a fun summer project for kids and Moms alike. These may look like flip flop sandals, but they are actually cookies, some with colored frosting made to look like ordinary flip flops. This sweet recipe goes all the way for functional realism by including the straps by using licorice, and sour gummy worms. What delicious fun. Here is the recipe and the ingredients you’ll need to be a big hit with the kids this summer.

Get these ingredients:

  • Oval-shaped cookies (Pepperidge Farm Milanos and Nabisco Cameos very well to mimic the flip flop shape.)
  • Gummy candy
  • Sour gummy worms
  • Frosting
  • Rope licorice

How to make flip flop cookies:

  1. Of course you need two flip flops to make a pair, so start with two cookies for each pair. You can frost the whole oval cookie or just put frosting on the cookie to use as a “glue” to hold the straps.
  2. flip flop straps
    Since the gummies and licorice may be too wide, you may need to snip them and slice them so they form the two straps. For thin candies you can use one licorice whip for each strap. See the image for clear instruction.
  3. Push the candy straps into the frosting and hold for a few seconds until they feel secure.You can use more frosting to help attach candy decorations to the flip flops. Be creative. Give them a few minutes to set up and then serve. Try using Graham Cracker crumbs under a dish towel to give the illusion of a “sandy” beach. I leave the waves and water to your imagination.

Thanks for FamilyFun Magazine for the idea.

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