How to Make a Bench Using a Baby Crib

When we converted my little girl’s room, the front of her crib became the footboard and the back of the crib was the headboard.  The sides and bottom were not needed after the bed was converted.  A couple of years ago, when we got rid of the same pieces on my other daughter’s crib, I realized that they might actually be useful.  I couldn’t use the ones I’d discarded (different design) but I eventually planned to use these.

So, here’s what we started with:

I removed one of the dowels and just slid the two side pieces together.  Then, we used brackets from the hardware store to connect all three pieces together.  Adding legs using large dowels, a couple of turnings for feet and more brackets and we now have …

A bench!
This area is protected from the elements but the crib mattress is waterproof and the sheets are easily washable.  I just added some outdoor pillows and now its the perfect place to curl up on a summer afternoon to read a book.  The picture above the bench was $3.50 at a thrift store.  I just painted the frame grey.  The table to the right is the match for the other one that’s now in my daugher’s room that just didn’t fit.  There’s a leaf knob on my daughter’s closet that I’m going to swap for that rose.  Perfect for outdoors!
You might also have gotten a glimpse of the mess the patio was in the first photo.  I admit that I neglected it for a good part of the summer but I finally gave it some attention.  I painted the floor, rearranged the furniture and added a new white umbrella.  The “coffee table” is something that I’ve had for ages and used to use in my living room.  I love it especially given the fact that its worn and rough and didn’t want to get rid of it.  I’m glad I didn’t.  Its perfect here and it provides extra storage.

I’m still debating painting the table and chairs.  It doesn’t look too bad here, but its not looking so hot.  The table top in particular isn’t exactly in pristine shape.  I think painting it would not only make it look better but pull some of the brightness out into the yard.  Maybe next year.

I’ve had this chair all over the house and finally brought it outside and added new cushions.  I added a candle to my thrift store birdcage and hung it here.
(The curtains were blowing because a storm was coming!)

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