How to Make Awesome Looking Paper Bowls

How to make Paper Bowls

You can never have enough bowls, also some kind of trinkets, jewelry, findings, or crafty items to store, right? But finding cute bowls that bring joy into your life? Now that is hard. Okay, maybe you don’t need all that from a bowl, but if you can make your own DIY paper bowl, why not give it a shot. Paper bowls are 100% unique and 1000% fun!

Be careful, they are sturdy enough for simple daily use, but don’t put heavy items and especially no wet things in the bowl. And remember what an awesome gift a DIY project can be; these paper bowls will WOW even your mother-in-law. If not, make another bowl, they are cheap and fun to make. So let’s make two or three or more!

Here are some other great paper bowls and bowls made with paper mache. Which bowl is your favorite?

paper bowl with leaves

Paper mache black bowl

paper bowl with legs

paper bowl from sheets of music

paper mache green bowls

Leaves on a paper bowl

Get bowling with

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