Junk Made New with Spray Paint

spray paint collage

The projects I’m sharing today blew my mind.  I’ve shopped thrift stores and garage sales so many times wondering who would possibly buy some of the junk I saw.  Who would buy completely worn out boots? What about all that little junk bagged together for a nickle?

My eyes have been opened to new possibilities.  These projects are beautiful and nothing short of genius.  Enjoy!

spray paint boots

These old cowboy boots are simply delightful when spray painted and vases of flowers added.  Junk Chic Cottage

spray paint bowls

These pedestal bowls were made from outdated candle sticks and wooden bowls.  The Creative Mom
spray paint jewelry

I never would have thought about spray painting outdated jewelry.  I wonder if it wears well or is chipping paint an issue.  The Creativity Exchange

spray paint junk spray paint junk3

You have to see what they did with metallic spray paint and these random items over at Design Sponge.

spray paint junk2

The randomness of these items painted in fun colors makes my heart sing.  The Swell Designer

spray paint owl

Owls are all the rage lately, but this one was pitiful.  I can’t believe how this sunshine yellow paint changed the look. Beautiful Matters

spray paint robot

This is a great project for kids using random junk and creating their very own robot.  A little bit of silver spray paint, and they have a beautiful friend for life.  Artsonia

spray paint treeCrafty Lady Lindsay calls this an I Spy Tree.


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