intelliGlass Screen Protector Review

When I was asked to review the intelliGLASS Hardened Glass Screen Protector, I jumped on the opportunity. I drop my phone often and currently it is unprotected.  The reason my phone screen was unprotected is because I was terrified of the process of adhering the protector to my screen.

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When the screen protector arrived in the mail, I sat down and immediately got to work.  I read all of the instructions and quickly gained confidence.  Everything I would need to carry out the task was included in the package. In fact, to my surprise and delight, there were 2 intelliGlass protectors in the package! This is an amazing deal, dear readers!

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The instructions were very well written and not wordy which would trigger an ADD episode and lack of focus, thus causing in incorrectly installed product. {The struggle is real.}  The instructions were easy to follow and written with bullet points so they could be used as a check list. I find this much superior to instructions that are written like an epistle where you read through and understand nothing.  Thank you intelliGlass for understanding my needs.

I laid out all of the items I would need and got to work.  I didn’t need a single item other than what was enclosed in the package. The instructions told me to clean the screen thoroughly with the alcohol prep pad and the clean any streaks with the polishing cloth.  Next I was to pull the backing off of the protector, line it up on the phone and drop it straight on.  I got it a bit off center the first time, but was able to pull it right up and re-position it with no trouble.  There were absolutely no air bubbles. It was quite amazing.  The last step was to make sure the protector was adhered well to the screen.  I pressed with my thumbs from the center out and then wrapped the cloth around the plastic card and drug it across the screen to make sure I had absolute perfection. The kit came with 2 button covers.  I thought about adding a cover, but decided I really didn’t want one and opted to not apply.

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I have had the intelli GLASS screen protector on my phone for 3 days now.  I have been surprised at how well it works.  I have not dropped my phone and have no intention of testing the ‘shatter proof’ feature, but I love knowing I’m protected if the need ever arises. I find that the glass on my phone is more sensitive to touch now. I really like this change. I didn’t have trouble with the sensitivity of my touch screen before, but having a more sensitive screen has been nice. It’s a feature I didn’t know I needed but I’m certainly enjoying.

Overall, I believe this screen protector is a great value for the price. The packaging, product and instructions for installation are top notch.  I highly recommend this product. 

I received compensation in exchange for writing this review.  Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own. 

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