How to Use Pistachio Shells to Make Colored Flowers


I found lots of pictures for similar images showing how to use pistachio shells to make colored flowers, but no one was linking back to the source. So thank you to Google’s image search! I was able to find the original source of the images and I found Reloved Designs with her tutorial.

I picked this project because I love pistachios and while eating them one night I ended up with a bowlful of empty shells (and a few cracked teeth). I dumped them in the trash but wondered if someone had tried to use pistachio shells for a DIY craft project. I should have known better. What hasn’t been reused in  DIY project by now. Wait! Don’t answer that! Anyway, I thought this was jut another clever way to turn trash into treasure using pistachio shells in a more creative way. Enjoy your pistachio nuts and then make a flower!

Make a Pistachio Shell Blower Bouquet Today!

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