How to Make a DIY Coat Rack Tree


This eye-catching coat rack is a statement piece for your front hallway or foyer. The touches of weathered paint and metal hooks make this an accessory that can work in a variety of home styles. The best news is it is easy to build and once you have this coat rack tree on display it will speak for itself.

You can follow the simple directions for this DIY coat rack at Which means you can also pick up all the materials and paint from the as well. This is an easy day project that will last a lifetime. Could be a great DIY gift idea as well.

This DIY project is listed as a beginner level which will only take a few hours and the costs are low. Perfect for the DIY novice!

Here are some other coat racks we thought might inspire.


Ashbee Design-Coat-rack





Now go build your own Coat Rack!

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