How to Build Rotating Storage Shelving for Cans


Got a big family or just like to shop at Costco and have 3 months of canned food in your home? Then we have a DIY project for you! This rotating storage shelving can really help make your canned storage way more efficient.  If you go to wikihow they provide detailed instructions with lots of helping pictures for building your own rotating shelf unit.

The cans are stored in such a way you can easily see what you have and how much.

The shelving rack is built with wheels which allow you to rotate it and move it quickly and easily. A great idea for a very useful and practical DIY project you will enjoy the fruits of for years and years.

Got a handyman want to tackle this project yourself? Click the link to Wikihow below for your guide to better can storage.

Decide the size and number of shelves you need. This article will cover a 5-shelf system that is 32 inches wide, 24 inches deep and 64 inches tall.

How to Build a Rotating Canned Food Shelf

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