How to Build a Cheap DIY Garden Fence

How to Build a DIY Garden Fence

Gardens are great. Humans think so and so do animals. So you probably need to build a fence with a gate for your garden to keep both humans and animals from getting to your homegrown goodness. Mostly likely you need to the fence to keep animals out; a s sign saying keep out will probably work for most humans. So a fence is needed for deer especially and dogs. Dogs love to dig and finding something to makes it even better. Luckily our friend over at DIY by MJ have provided the instructions, a material list and the costs to build DIY garden fence. All you have to do is the actual work, which looks like fun any way. They also provide costs for additional fencing if you need more than they constructed. Very nice that they included a fully working gate to make entry easier for the gardener. They have lots of step-by-step pictures so you won’t have trouble following their very detailed instructions. Thanks to Megan for sending this DIY product for us to promote.

Find out how to Build a DIY Garden Fence:

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