Homemade DIY Bath Fizzies – Step by Step


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These DIY bath fizzies are obviously great for Valentine’s Day gifts because of their romantic heart shapes, but I don’t want to short change these adorable fizzies as only for a romantic holiday. No, these are great for anytime you want to take a bath so let’s not think of them as a February DIY project, but more of a year-round project, yes? And they make a great gift for anyone, family, friend or even a co-worker. Could be weird, but hey, I’m not here to judge.

Head over to Craftie Allie and see how she has done this project very cheaply by making the molds herself. Clever girl, that Allie! She also provides a full recipe for the bath fizzie (which was found on Martha Stewart’s site). Allie also gives pictures of every step so these are step-by-step bath fizzies instructions. Very nice.

So follow her orders and keep calm and take a bath.

Thanks to Craftie Allie for Helping Us Clean Up Our Act

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