Hide a Cat’s Litter Box in a DIY Kitty Litter Cabinet


I have had a cat and loved it, except for cleaning the litter box. I get it, no one likes to do it, it is just part of owning a cat. But at least you don’t have to look at it if you hide creatively. Yes, most people put a litter box in their bathroom (bad smells like to hang out, right?), but what if you need a litter box in multiple places or your bathroom is to small for a litter box or you just don’t want to look at cat poop. You may have no choice but to put a litter box somewhere in the open and that isn’t ideal for any home or apartment. So you need a creative way to hide a litter box and keep the mess out of view.

You really only need a cat flap and an inexpensive storage unit (make sure you measure so the litter box can fit) with a door so you can open and close off the litter box area. Everything is kept nice and tidy and your cat will have some privacy too. Feel free to paint and decorate the outside, depending on if you want to bring attention to the box or not. (image)

DIY Kitty Litter Box You Easily Build

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