Geometric Triangle Wall Paint Design Idea with Tape

Do you want to give you wall more personality than just a flat color paint? Have you thought about using painter’s tape to help you create a design or pattern? We found this really cool idea for using painter’s tape to create a geometric triangle design on your wall. The best news is you don’t have to be an artist to do it. If you can tape a straight line, you can make a fabulous painted design on your wall at home. Simply place the frog tape on the wall in a random triangle pattern, paint your colors, let it dry and then peel off. This works well in a boy’s bedroom, but can be used anywhere you think your home decor could use some creative kick.


Here are some more tape design paintings.

Chevron Tape Wall Painted Designs

tape design painting

A little more intricate to be sure, but the tape is your friend when painting your walls with this type of pattern.

tape design wall painting

Simple broad stripes are much more fun, cleaner and add a visual pop to any home decor…when you use painter’s tape to keep it all together.


This is a visual feast of the ideas. Yellow borders with white shapes makes for a crazy room. Thanks again painter’s tape!

geometric tape design painting

And if you really want to get creative, here is a design that will give even the most patient wall artist some time to wonder if they can really do it.

painters tape bedroom wall design

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