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Wine Rack as a Towel Holder

Try using and extra or old wine rack as a clean towel organizer in your bath room. Repurpose a wine rack.  


Stick-on Storage for Cabinet Doors

 Use the back of your cabinet doors with small sticky back storage containers. Double-sided tapes works great with small plastic bins.


Kid-Sized Hammock Hack

Create a simple hammock for your child with a blanket or sheet or some type of length of fabric and the tie it around your table top. Instant hammock to … Read More


Freeze Grapes to Chill Your Wine

Try freezing grapes to chill your wine. It will get the wine to the cold without watering it down. No one likes watered down wine. No one.  

bacon hack

How to Fix Bacon the Right Way!

If you run bacon under cold water before cooking you can reduce shrinking by 50%. Take that, Seinfeld! Try cooking your bacon in the oven for the best flavor. Cook … Read More