Footprint and Handprint Creations for Christmas Artwork

Handprint art is as cute as it gets. Well, except for footprint art, that might be a bit more cute. It all depends on the shape of the toes. 😉 Here are a few of the most creative example of artwork created by a child’s foot or hand. Of course, embellished with decorations to create something all together different and fun. So try using your children’s body parts to create art. You know what I mean. 😉

Footprint art as a Christmas Tree
footprint treeFound on

Footprint art as a happy snowman

footprint snowmanFound on

Footprint artwork as a cut reindeer

footprint rudolphFound on

Footprint art as the manger for baby Jesus

footprint baby JesusFound on

Footprint and handprint artwork to create Nativity

footprint nativityFound on

Another reindeer, but this time with a handprint and a Christmas tree made from footprints.

foot hand christmas towelsFound on

A reindeer make from two handprints.

foot hand rudolphFound on

Snowmen, Santa Clause and a large Christmas Tree all made from feet and hands of children.

foot hand christmasFound on

Baby Jesus in a handprint manger.

handprint baby JesusFound on

A snowflake made from white handprints.

handprint snowflakeFound on

Santa riding in a footprint sleigh pulled by handprint reindeer.

hand and foot print santa


A sad looking moose made from a handprint.

hand print mooseFound on

This is creative, a camel created from a handprint, with a little hump added.

hand print camelFound on

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