How To Do Embroidery for Beginners (15 Classes & Tutorials)


Welcome to our hand-picked selection of embroidery tutorials and classes for someone beginning to work with embroidery. Some of these lessons may be slightly harder and geared toward those have some experience with embroidery, but we tried to showcase classes for the embroidery novice. We know that it can be overwhelming to look through a book about starting embroidery and trying to understand what stitches are needed to work with a pattern. I personally find tutorial videos to be easier to follow and these classes all have instructional videos that make learning how to do embroidery easier and the best part is you can rewind if you need to see it again. We included hand-stitch embroidery as well as a few that use a machine. Hopefully we covered a lot of the basics yet gave you some interesting projects to target, such as working with a t-shirt, a hand bag or a quilt. Happy Crafting with Embroidery. Let us know what other craft tutorials you would like to see here.

Design It, Stitch It: Hand Embroidery

Check out the Class >> Design It, Stitch It: Hand Embroidery <<

Build a foundation of essential skills every embroiderer should know, so you can conquer each step of machine embroidery with the utmost confidence!

Explore hand embroidery for beginners as a fun, relaxing way to bring your inspirations to life! Join author Jessica Marquez, and learn essential techniques that ensure your stitches are consistent every time you pick up a project. Refresh your basic skills with smooth satin stitches that won’t pucker and French Knots that always stay put, and use whipped and threaded stitches for an impressive look with easy execution. Master tricky knotted, looped and fill stitches like the fishbone, cretan and bouillon for polished designs, and learn three easy methods to transfer any design to fabric–including two that don’t even require an iron! Jessica will also show you how to embellish a T-shirt with dazzling stitched detail as you learn stabilizing strategies for stretchy knits, and create your own patterns from cherished photos and drawings.

20 Things Every Machine Embroiderer Should Know

Click here for the class >> 20 Things Every Machine Embroiderer Should Know <<

Learn how to hand embroider over 25 types of stitches with decorative flair!

Machine embroidery isn’t as simple as pressing the start button! Join popular Craftsy instructor Lindee Goodall to learn the essential machine-embroidery techniques you need for consistently successful results. Lindee will teach you the right way to hoop any design and give you pointers for choosing the right stabilizer, needles and thread for your projects. When you move on, Lindee will show you measures to take to avoid mistakes before they happen and how to fix those that already have. Then, discover finishing techniques that will add some polish to any fabulous final product, tips for picking the right fabric and why thinking like a digitizer can go a long way. 3000+ students have enrolled in this class

Embroidery Software Essentials

Click here for the class >> Embroidery Software Essentials <<

Take the stress out of machine embroidery software as you learn everything you’ve always wanted to know about creating, customizing and organizing designs!

Easily expand your software skills and your design library as expert software instructor Cindy Hogan shows you how to get the most out of Brother PE-Design® Next and Babylock Palette software. Learn to import and transfer designs, use an underlay and modify, combine and align lettering and monograms for polished, personalized results. Explore built-in shape tools to create beautiful decorative elements like a lovely medallion — no drawing required! Dive into personalizing designs with Cindy’s tips for changing colors, adding text and even isolating and resizing elements so they fit in your hoop. Organize files fast with Design Database and start creating beautiful designs with confidence today! 3000+ students have enrolled in this class

Big Embroidery With a Small Hoop

Click here for the class >> Big Embroidery With a Small Hoop <<

Discover innovative techniques that expand your machine embroidery area and demystify alignment and multi-hoop projects!

Think (and stitch) outside the hoop with embroidery expert Lisa Shaw as your guide. Get started with a charming felt purse as you learn how to embellish a blank purse with an all-over design, regardless of hoop size. Discover tips for aligning templates, and delve into multi-hooping to adorn a plush towel with a three-part design. Dress up a denim shirt with organic designs as Lisa introduces you to her secret weapon, a trick that practically auto-aligns templates for you! You’ll also learn to use embroidery software to add alignment lines to any file and build on new skills to make an adorable tech case, extra-large embroidery and even a freestanding continuous lace border. Never be limited by your hoop size again. Learn insider tips and tricks that will take your embroidery as far as your imagination desires! 5000+ students have enrolled in this class.

Cross-Stitch: Basics & Beyond

Click here for the class >> Cross-Stitch: Basics & Beyond << 

Conquer essential techniques for cross-stitch success as you learn the best methods for working designs on both Aida cloth and linen.

Achieve great cross-stitch results from start to finish! Join designer and instructor Jeannette Douglas and build a go-to toolkit of cross-stitch basics that will help you avoid mistakes, achieve beautiful results and enjoy this meditative pastime. During class, you’ll learn how to cross-stitch by working a sampler: the perfect project for practicing new techniques. To begin, you’ll see how to separate the strands in your floss, anchor your thread without a knot and read a stitch chart. Once you’re comfortable reading charts, Jeannette will guide you step by step through fundamental techniques for the basic cross-stitch and working across rows. Then, find out how to calculate fabric, manage multiple colors at once and plan for larger motifs. You’ll also discover how to work specialty stitches, add beads to your design and achieve a clean, gorgeous finish!  1000+ students have enrolled in this class

The Machine Embroidered T-Shirt

Click here for the class >>  The Machine Embroidered T-Shirt <<

Transform your T-shirts from casual to chic with machine-embroidered embellishments.

Machine embroidery guru Eileen Roche teaches you how to transform your T-shirts from simple attire to chic apparel. Prepare your shirt’s fabric by stabilizing and hooping, then stitch your design using the embroidery machine. Once you have the basics down, jump into a variety of fun embroidery projects with Eileen. You’ll embroider a cowl and sew it onto a T-shirt for a fabulous chic look. Then, learn how to combine multiple embroidery patterns into a large, decorative design and reshape your shirt’s waist for a flattering fit. Master your machine and embroider like an expert with Eileen!

Embroidering With Ribbon

Click here for the class >> Embroidering With Ribbon <<

Create stunning stitches and sophisticated ribbonwork with easy embroidery techniques!

Embrace the twists and turns of ribbon for exquisite results! Get started as expert embroiderer Mary Jo Hiney shows you how to prevent sinking stitches and keep ribbon dimensional, then walks you through several variations of the versatile straight stitch. Next, learn to keep ribbon flat and wide as you embroider a gorgeous garden of lazy daisy stitches. Master loopy stitches for lovely, textural effects, and bring radiant rosettes to life in a variety of sizes. Then, use your new skills to construct a velvet-covered box and frame, complete with ribbonwork, embroidery and beautiful beading.

Free-Motion Machine Embroidery

Click here for the class >> Free-Motion Machine Embroidery <<

Go beyond automated embroidery designs. Let Terry White teach you how to free-motion embroider on either a sewing or embroidery machine.

Ready for some “outside the box” embroidery? Create artistic and fun designs using any type of machine! Terry White forgoes the automated approach and teaches you a variety of techniques in free-motion stitching. Learn how to maneuver your hoop to make smooth contours, seed stitches and painterly fills to add exciting textures to your projects. Learn basic stitches on four practice pieces and carry those skills into your main project: “The Painted Bird.” 5000+ students have enrolled in this class.

Stitch It With Wool: Crewel Embroidery

Click here for the class >> Stitch It With Wool: Crewel Embroidery <<

Build on basic stitches to create exquisite crewel embroidery that blossoms with color and texture!

Discover the time-honored art of crewel embroidery with a front-row seat to every stitch! Expert embroiderer Kristin Nicholas guides you through 25 stitches, beginning with basics that work wonderfully for outlines, text and borders. Play with color and texture as you add dazzling dimension to your designs with the laid stitch and spiderweb stitch and create gorgeous fills using turkey work, needle weaving, squared filling and the cloud stitch. Bring two free pillow patterns to life in spectacular style with Kristin’s expert tips for steaming and finishing your embroidery and preventing fabric fray. Finally, discover inspiring design ideas that will leave you eager to embroider everything from gifts to decor with the lavish look of crewel embroidery. 1000+ students have enrolled in this class

Hoop Savvy

Click here for the class >> Hoop Savvy <<

Make the most of your machine-embroidery hoops! Find the right hoop for almost any project and learn how to use it to its full potential.

Learn how to get maximum results from your embroidery hoop! Join instructor Lisa Shaw to discover which hoop will work best for your project and how to use it effectively. During class, Lisa will demonstrate how to use multi-position hoops to get more flexibility with positioning, and cover flip hoops to help you create big, beautiful embroidery. When you move on, you’ll discover how to use continuous hoops to stitch clean borders and extended designs, before Lisa shows you how to make hat embroidery easy. You’ll even get tips for everyday items that can help your embroidery excel and receive handy software pointers for tantalizing designs!

Elegant Machine Embroidered Bags

Click here for the embroidery class >> Elegant Machine Embroidered Bags <<

Embellish a custom-sewn tote, clutch, makeup bag and more with marvelous machine-embroidered motifs!

Discover the best methods for selecting, stabilizing and hooping pre-made bags that showcase your machine embroidery perfectly! Learn how to embroider tote bags with guidance from author and fabric designer Amanda Murphy, and conquer the challenges of tight corners, tough fabrics and small spaces. Then, expand your design area by sewing your own custom tote. Amanda will show you how to double hoop for a supersized design, add contrasting fabric, sew side seams and create fuss-free corners. Make a chic “on the go” zippered pouch, and master tricky thread tension and stabilizing strategies along the way. Plus, get all 9 embroidery files featured in the class for free! 1000+ students have enrolled in this class.

The Machine Embroidery Inspired Quilt

Click here for the embroidery class >> The Machine Embroidery Inspired Quilt

Experience fun, new possibilities when you combine machine embroidery and quilting to bring out the best of both worlds!

What could be better than learning insider tips from an award-winning designer? Join embroidery expert Susan Stewart and learn how fabric piecing and quilting lines can take your embroidery beyond the hoop as you create a truly captivating wall hanging!  Perfect your placement, even on pieced fabric, and learn when to stitch and when to piece. Susan will share her tricks for adding stability without sacrificing softness, and show you how to re-hoop to form magnificent borders with repeating designs. Embroider triangles without worrying about bias stretch and watch your embroidery come to life with free-motion quilting. Plus, you’ll get three exclusive Zündt designs for ample inspiration as you open up an exciting new frontier in your embroidery!

Embroidering Monograms by Machine

Click here for the embroidery class >> Embroidering Monograms by Machine <<

Add a personal touch with elegant embroidered lettering! Learn how to create sophisticated monograms with any machine as you perfect placement and stitching.

Engage with a timeless tradition and put a unique touch on almost anything! Join embroidery expert Terri Johnson and learn how to use any machine to create and embroider monograms with or without software, using correct etiquette and placement, and following both traditional guidelines and modern adaptations. No matter your machine or your fabric, Terri will point out a variety of aspects to consider, so that you can get flawless stitching results every time. Learn how to maximize fonts and decorative elements to create unique arrangements, and align multiple hoopings for big-impact monograms. Terri will even show you how to tackle the trickiest items, from zippered boots to baseball hats and beyond. Plus, you’ll receive elegant letter designs from A to Z, created exclusively for this class! With this impressive bevy of techniques, you’ll have all the skills you need to add a simple, personal touch no matter the occasion. 1000+ students have enrolled in this class.

Embroidering Texture & Dimension by Hand

Click here for the embroidery class >> Embroidering Texture & Dimension by Hand <<

Get creative with textured stitches that complement embroidery, appliqué, and more!

Join embroidery expert Sue Spargo and layer, stitch and embellish your way to textural works of art! Select complementary fabric, ribbon and trim to create lovely, layered appliqués that serve as a base for your embroidery. Discover array of edging stitches for vibrant, velvety texture, and dive into decorative stitches and their intricate variations. Then, master dimensional wrapped stitches with Sue’s expert tips. Enhance your embroidery with “wow-factor” woven stitches and bring exquisite energy to your stitching with beautiful beading techniques. Practice these dazzling designs on Sue’s exclusive butterfly sampler or add them to your own creative stitching!

Bead Embroidery

Click here for the embroidery class >> Bead Embroidery <<

Embroider with beads for eye-catching results! Create sparkling flowers, leaves and other stunning embellishments by hand.

Are you looking for a great way to add dimension and sparkle to your projects? If so, join expert Myra Wood to get acquainted with bead embroidery, and stitch your best embroidered embellishments yet! During class, you’ll learn how to add beads one by one, or incorporate them straight into your embroidery stitches, using captivating, well-coordinated color palettes. See how easy it can be to create bugle-bead blooms and leaves, stunning sequin flowers and more, as you organize and layer your stitches for tantalizing dimension and dazzling texture. Plus, end class by turning your embroidered fabric into a fabulous drawstring bag that shows off your stylish new stitches! 3000+ students have enrolled in this class.

We hope you found an embroidery class that piqued your interest. If not, please let us know how we can improve our class selection for you. We want to bring the best and this will be an ongoing series for us. We started with embroidery, but will be covering quilting, sewing, crocheting and more for all different experience levels.

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