DIY Superhero Playhouse

super hero house

This superhero house is amazing!  All kids love playing make believe, but boys aren’t always excited to play with a traditional doll house.  They aren’t typically overjoyed to play with a Barbie Dream House or a beautifully decorated abode, so we present you with the Superhero House!  This place is a bachelor pad for sure.  I think the fact that they have used all types of action figures.  Can you find Spiderman?

super hero rooftop

The rooftop of this home provides the perfect place for Batman to see the bat symbol when his city is in need.

super hero bedroom

Even superheros have to take a little rest sometime. Right?

super hero table

Nothing strange going on here folks.  Batman and Storm Troopers break bread together all the time.  Didn’t you know that? The obviously sit in huge chairs too!

super hero tv

These super heroes are very high tech with their flat screen TV too.  The starkness of the room is exactly the way I would envision a bunch of crazy superhero roomates living.

It’s a super fun project all around.  {pardon the pun}

Go to Diary of a Preppy Mom to get full details of this project.

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