DIY Stone Mats

stone mat collage

Stone mats are so very beautiful.  I never thought about making one of my own until I saw this.  I have so many ideas now.  I need some stone mats in every room of my house.  Like. Right. Now.

stone mat6

For step by step instructions on these projects, go to Fantastic Cleaners.
stone mat7

Adding script makes things a little more complicated, but this mat is beautiful.  Jenny Highsmith
stone mat4

 This monogram looks a little bit easier to accomplish.

stone mat2

A trivet made of stones?  Yes please!  Super fun and easy too.  Life Hack 

stone mat how

Stumble Upon shared this great step by step instructional guide.

stone mat 1I love the look of the white stones as place mats.  This is so very simple and elegant.  Life Without Expectations


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