DIY Silverware as Stamped Garden Markers


Garden markers can add spice and organization to your garden. They are a useful tool for keeping track of your plants, vegetables, herbs and even flowers growing in your personal garden. And using personalized silverware with stamped names is a fantastic and great DIY way to do that. The stamped silverware clearly marks where each plant is and what it is…with style!

Just don’t eat your fruitful bounty with the silverware. 😉

Head over to, it has a helpful and detailed tutorial on how to make your own stamped garden markers.

Make Your Personalized Garden Markers

More cool stamped silverware used as garden markers.

thrifty silverware garden markers

stamped silverware garden markers



recycled-spoon-garden-markersAnd just in case you want to keep it more simple, use a wine cork on a fork. No stamping needed.

garden markers with corks

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