75 DIY Recycled Craftsy Art Projects

75 DIY Recycled Art Projects

There are tons of items lying around your house just waiting to be turned into art. Before you throw out an empty can or bottle, see about turning it into art. You can use it for your own home, gift them to a friend, or even make a small business out of upcycling everyday items.

Mason Jar Windchime

Make some music that will brighten your night with an old mason jar and a recycled solar light.

Found on Etsy

Bubble Art

Turn old or extra envelopes into works of art.

Found on Buzzfeed

Magic Bookshelves

Bring new life into your old book collection (without ruining any books).

Found on Instructables

Vintage Book Art

Take old books that are falling apart and turn them into a work of art worth framing.

Found on Etsy

Liquor Lamps

Commemorate a night you got lit with this recycled liquor bottle lamp.

Found on Etsy

Painted Silhouettes

Repurpose old pictures to make a tasteful silhouette art collection.

Found on Pinterest

Hexagon Art

Cut shapes out of old scrap book or decorative paper to create beautiful patterned art.

Found on Pinterest

Artsy Side Table

Vintage ironing boards can be treated and turned into adorable little side and accent tables.

Found on Etsy

Faux Mirror Art

Old CD’s and DVD’s can be cut into pieces to make mesmerizing mirror designs. Can be used to make jewelry boxes, canvas art, and more.

Found on Pinterest

Soda Bottle Candles

Glass bottles make for great little projects. Fill one with a fragranced wax and wick to create unique candles.

Found on Etsy

Faux Metal

Cereal boxes can be crafted and painted to look like antique metal relics.

Found on TheGraphicsFairy

Abstract Paintings

Old, leftover paint can be used to create stunning abstract art pieces.

Found on ElegantlyUntamed

Frame Shelves

You can find big carved frames at thrift and pawn shops. Use them to make these big framed shelves.

Found on Porch

Melted Crayon Canvases

Use old broken crayons and melt them into drippy works of art.

Found on 52 Kitchen Adventures

Marbled Nail Polish Mugs

Last season’s nail polish can be used to create beautiful marbled mugs.

Found on Pinterest

Golden Leaves

Before the season changes, run outside and gather some fallen leaves.

Found on Pinterest

Patron Bottle Soap Dispensers

Old bottles always make great craft materials. Turn an empty patron bottle into these classy soap dispensers.

Found on Etsy

Fake Cactus Planters

Sprout a few plants you won’t be able to kill with these adorable painted rocks.

Found on Pinterest

Vintage Vinyl Clock

Old broken records can be given new purpose.

Found on Etsy

Updated Thrift Art

Mix your own art style into paintings you find at thrift stores.

Found on ApartmentTherapy

Simple Canvas Collection

Not sure what to paint? Lacking in inspiration? These simple painted canvases look great and take no time at all!

Found on DesignImprovised

Book Quote Art

Turn your favorite quote into a piece of art by scribbling on the page of a book.

Found on Pinterest

Toy Animal Canvases

Old toys can be repainted into stunning pop art.

Found on Pinterest

Soda Bottle Tree

Before you recycle your empty bottles, dip them in paint to create this easy art piece.

Found on Pinterest

Shoebox Art

A shopping spree means a chance to get crafty. Turn old shoe boxes into fun wall art.

Found on Creme de la Craft

Painted Coffee Stirrers

You can make this from just a handful of coffee stirrers and some paint.

Found on Make And Do Crew

Framed Silverware

Spiff up your kitchen with these spunky framed silverware.

Found on Spunky Junky

Painted CDs

Scratch designs into old CD’s to create these trendy little pieces of art.

Found on Pinterest

Folded Books

Transform old books into words of inspiration by folding the pages to create this art.

Found on Pinterest

Painted Wood Panels

Crates or old scraps of wood can be sanded and painted to give your home a rustic feel.

Found on Etsy

Stained Wine Bottle Lights

Warm up your desk with an old wine bottle filled with LED lights.

Found on Etsy

Left Over Buttons

Your jar of old buttons could be turned into a cute piece of art.

Found on Pinterest

Vinyl Flooring Coasters

Use the extra vinyl from re-flooring your living room to make these cozy coasters.

Found on Etsy

Hand Painted Glasses

Add a splash of color to old glasses by dotting them with acrylic paint.

Found on HerCampus

Painted Popsicle Sticks

Create tiny works of art by painting on a square of popsicle sticks.

Found on Pinterest

Button Bowl

Glue old buttons to the outside of a balloon. Perfect for holding balls of yarn!

Found on Pinterest

Embellished Wine Glass Candles

Add jewels and some paint to old, dirty wine glasses to turn them into beautiful candle holders.

Found on Etsy

Decorative Yarn Balls

Wrap and glue some excess yarn around a balloon to make these colorful decorative balls.

Found on Pinterest

Scrabble Coasters

Extra scrabble pieces? Glue them together to turn them into adorable coasters. You can always use the half-filled game boxes you find at thrift stores as well!

Found on Pinterest

Golden Bug Plaques

Turn old bug toys into creepy-yet-cool mounted works of art.

Found on The Gathered Home

Washi Tape Wall

Create a pattern out of washi tape to add color/flair without painting.

Found on Emily

Monopoly Charm Bracelet

Old game pieces make for amazing craft supplies. Check out this monopoly charm bracelet.

Found on Etsy

Twig Candle Holder

Fallen branches turn into beautiful candle holders with a little bit of glue.

Found on Pinterest

Wine Cork Art

After turning your bottles into art, you can save the corks and make art pieces as well!

Found on Pinterest

Broken Broom Painting

Before you toss a broken broom stick, use the bristles to add amazing texture to your wall.

Found on WooHome

Domino’s Clock

Domino’s pieces left over from an old set can be turned into markers for clock.

Found on Pinterest

Paint Chip Art

Old paint chips can be hole punched into dots you can use to make shapes and pictures out of.

Found on StyleSmaller

Puzzle Piece Canvas

If you’ve lost pieces to a puzzle, or just know you’ll never complete it, paint it to create a colorful puzzle piece canvas.

Found on Pinterest

Cork Stamps

Before you toss old cork’s, carve designs into them to make unique stamp designs.

Found on Pinterest

Re-Purposed Forks

Take old bent or broken forks and turn them into artsy corn on the cob holders.

Found on Etsy

Mug Candles

Chipped or old mugs can be turned into colorful candle holders.

Found on Pinterest

Crayon Designs

Broken crayons can be gathered to create framable letters and shapes.

Found on Pinterest

Magazine Art

Cut old magazines into strips to create modern looking art.

Found on Indulgy

Bottle Cap Wind Chime

Link different bottle caps together to create a stylish windchime.

Found on Pinterest

Wine Bottle Chime

Paint and hang an empty wine bottle for a beautiful piece of patio or garden art.

Found on Etsy

Upcycled Tools

Old rusty saws can be transformed into rustic looking pieces of art with a touch of paint.

Found on Etsy

Magazine Bowl

Recycle old magazines and roll them into a floral-looking bowl.

Found on Pinterest

Seashell Candles

Turn your old collection of seashells into beautiful candles.

Found on White Kitchen Witch

Twig Light

Balloons are always a great tool to turn everything into fun center pieces. Try gluing twigs together and adding an LED light to make this magical light.

Found on Architecture and Design

Skateboard Lamp

Add lights to an old skateboard to make an urban wall lamp.

Found on Pinterest

Paint Chip Streamers

Punch shapes into old paint chips and string them together to create colorful streamers.

Found on Pinterest

3D Rolled Magazines

Instead of cutting the magazines into strips, roll them to make a 3D recycled artpiece.

Found on Pinterest

Hanging Key Patio Chimes

Paint old keys and hang them with yarn to make this rainbow key chime.

Found on Planting Happiness

Fish Spoon Chimes

Old spoons can be shaped into these adorable little silver fish.

Found on Pinterest

Tool Fish

Mount your rusty wrenches and other tools to create this mounted metal fish.

Found on Etsy

Yarn-Wrapped Bottles

Use old bottles and extra yarn to create these seasonal decorations.

Found on Etsy

Frame Shelf

Take a big beautiful frame and add small shelves to create a functional work of art. Perfect for make-up, nailpolish, or small figurines.

Found on Pinterest

Teacup Bird Feeder

An old teacup can be turned into a fancy feeder. Just drop in some birdseed and put it in a nice spot.

Found on Flag on a Stick

Can Lamp

Clean out an empty can and make a few cuts to create this simple yet elegant table lamp.

Found on Pinterest

Mosaic Serving Plate

You’d never guess that this beautiful serving plate was made from old CD’s.

Found on The Berry

Pallet Mug Hanger

Show off your mug collection with this big country-feeling pallet mug rack.

Found on Pinterest

Growler Jug Lamp

This modern chic might be just what you need in your bar or coffee nook.

Found on Etsy

Retro Box Clock

Recycle a crackerjack box to make this retro wall clock.

Found on Etsy

Brush Faces

Create these goofy faces with old and degraded paint brushes.

Found on Pinterest

Musical Coasters

Use extra tiles and old sheet music to create these musical coasters or accent pieces.


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