DIY Pet Beds from Old Furniture


From our friends at DIY Network I found some great how to tutorials on using old furniture for new pet beds. They used an old drawer for a dog bed, a computer chair on its last legs, an end table and a nightstand as a pet bed so your four-legged friend can sleep next to you at night.

I own a small dog and a small place so combining two pieces of furniture into one is the way to go, plus using a table acts as a little cave, which adds security for your pet and may help with anxiety when storms come through. Just a thought.

diy dog bed

You can find instructions and more pictures when you visit the site. Here are the high points:

  • They turned a flea-market dresser into a night stand with pet bed.
  • They used an octagonal table (in style 40 years ago) for a wall-lined pet bed.
  • They took an old drawer and added some furniture feet to make a portable pet bed.
  • An office chair with the legs removed gave a pooch a new place to sleep and sit.

See these 4 ideas plus 2 more at DIYNetwork.

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