DIY Outdoor Lantern Using Tuna Cans

The owner of this project has requested we remove her images, so we have done so. We are still linking to her project.

Thanks to for this simple tutorial on making your own DIY tuna can lantern. This is a very creative recycle project and reusing a smelly old tuna can is a the ultimate in recycling trash into treasure.

And the tuna can size is a very perfect fit for many of the glass lamp shades you can buy. The images show a hurricane lamp, a small vase and a drinking glass. How clever indeed. It is a classy version of the tiki torch, especially after you put some spray paint on it. Your friends will never know all this started with a tuna can. One more tip is to find a set of glasses and use those as your glass shades.

Eat some Tuna and Add DIY Tiki Torches to Your Backyard


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