DIY Naturally Flavored Water Recipe


I’m assuming you are at least familiar with Pinterest (please follow me), especially if you are visiting my DIY blog. And so when I tell you that the DIY recipe I am featuring today has over 1 million pins I assume you will be thoroughly impressed. I mean, wow! I’ve never seen a post with that many pins. So let’s assume that 1 million pinners can’t be wrong and this must be a great DIY food post. So, here is a way to make homemade naturally flavored water. Save money, keep it healthy and probably have your flavored water taste better than anything you can buy in the store. This was posted by Monica on her blog, The Yummy Life.

She provides 5 different and very distinct flavor infusions for your water: Citrus, Raspberry Lime, Watermelon Rosemary, Pineapple Mint and my favorite, Blackberry Sage. She also provides links for buying the materials including the Mason Jars, Infusion Pitcher, Infuser Water Bottle, Wooden Muddler and the Brita Water Filter Pitcher she recommends.

I tried this with just using cucumbers for an infusion and thought it was wonderful, I can only imagine how much better these flavor combinations will be.

See The Yummy Life for Full Instructions

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