DIY Map String Art

string art

String art had become a thing of the past until recently.  I remember doing string art crafts when I was in elementary school and the way that my mom would so graciously hang my out of date strange looking art with pride.  It’s exciting to think I could put my string art skills back to work and have a very modern craft.

I love the use of a map in this project.  There are so many possibilities with locations.  Having several on a wall would be a great way to represent the places you’ve called home or a way to show the joining of a new marriage.

string art 2

The tools needed for this project are few.  It looks like the most complicated part would be getting the nails even.

string art 3

This blogger printed a map of Ohio on the computer and then added the heart around the Columbus area.

string art 4

I wonder how many times she had a nail pop up out of the board.

string art 5

Her state of Ohio looks beautiful on this gallery wall.

You can find detailed instructions for this project at :

The Harpster Home

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