Katrina-Nichols Hello everyone! My name is Katrina Nichols and I’m new to this blogging thing but not to the DIY world. Inf fact, as my blog suggests, I am a DIY girl for life and really get excited about finding and sharing DIY ideas and projects.

From early on when I was coloring pictures for birthday presents I have been a huge fan of DIY and the gratification it gives you and when gift giving, the happiness it gives to another person. Homemade gifts really are the best.

With an Internet full of great DIY ideas, recipes, craft projects, home design ideas I thought it would be nice to bring a few of my favorites every week. And yes, I know there are a lot of DIY sites out there. They fall into 3 categories I have found.  Sites that show you how to do it, sites that have pictures of finished project and sites that provide a curation of collection of projects with helpful links to show you where to get the directions. Well, there are plenty of the first two, but not many of the 3rd kind. I plan on finding the hidden gems on the blogs that don’t get much traffic but have great ideas, recipes and projects you may never know about. I want to promote them and give them some time to shine. I will try to stay away from sites we all know and look for those that are off the beaten path.

I hope you will take the journey along with me. I can be followed on the following social sites.

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Thanks for reading,

Katrina Nichols