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Recycling trash is a good and green thing to do. Recycling trash into a new usable object is a great thing to do. Recycling trash into a gift is an incredibly awesome thing to do. And how often do you get to do something incredibly awesome? Today is that day.  Using just a CD and 2-liter soda bottle you can create a very stylish and cool vase (flower pot) for your Mom or girlfriend or sister. What a cool DIY gift to give someone. Add a little paint and or textured paint or maybe some texturing techniques and you have something original, thoughtful and recyclable!

This upcycle project idea can aslo be used for a fun project for kids. Just be careful when cutting. Otherwise this crafty project is a fun time for all involved, including the gift recipient. You can find the easy-too-follow DIY instructions at the site listed below.

Translation here:

Probably every mother loves flowers. A birthday party – just the right time in order to give an elegant bouquet or flower room.

If you live in an ordinary apartment or even in your own home, you probably have a small balcony or veranda whole, and maybe just a window with a large sill that without flowers does not look quite the way we would like.Therefore room flower in a pot will always be a great gift for your favorite mom. However, do not forget that when you purchase a flowering cactus, or simply violet hydrangea is likely you will have in the future flower transplanted to a more suitable pot. Not to bother doing this birthday, you can prepare yourself for the original pot decorated with a small flower, and which give your gift.

Available materials and a little imagination

Fairly quickly and simply decorated pot can be made from a plastic bottle and unnecessary CD-ROM. Everything you need for making the original flower pot, it is somewhat familiar objects and your imagination.

original podrok mother hands - MaterialsSo, from the materials you need to take:

  • a plastic bottle with a lid;
  • CD drive, you can take the most ordinary, the sticker on the disc does not play a role;
  • PVA glue, scissors and a few sheets of heavy paper or cardboard;
  • spray with gold / silver paint (if there are other colors, then take them too).

Steps in the design of a flower pot

In the beginning, you must decide what to do flower pot. This will depend on the diameter and size of the plastic bottle as the main component of the pot.

a gift mom with his own handsFor a small (no more than 20 cm in height) flower fit 1.5-liter bottle.Better to take the color of green or dark plastic. Next take the scissors and cut the pot, which is a narrow part of the bottle with the neck. The edge of the pot can be uneven and wavy or any other pattern (need to cut carefully, because you can easily get hurt.)After cutting the desired part, firmly fasten to the neck of the cap.

Now prepare the basis of the drive pot. To cut a circle of the respective diameter of the paper or cardboard, which then glue wheel – top and bottom. After waiting 5-10 minutes, begin to connect with a bottle of foundation. To pot well stuck to the bottom, it is necessary to weight, putting on the bottom by pouring sand or stone. Then glue generously lubricate both parts and glue bottle (namely its bottom with a lid) to the disk.

When the glue is dry (it will take 5-10 minutes) and the pot will not be anywhere to move out or you can begin to peel paint spray.

original gift mom with his own handsLooks very impressive flower pot in golden or silver paint. These cartridges are usually sold during the Christmas holidays for painting toys or ornaments on the Christmas tree. If you can not find such paints or on the street at the height of summer, when such paints in conventional stores you will not find, you can buy a small bottle of nail polish or other spray paint in the can (the most suitable colors – yellow, blue, orange and lime). To paint a better out on the balcony or do it on the street.Also, you should use gloves to avoid getting ink on your hands. Need to apply paint quickly and with a thin layer over the entire surface of the pot (and a bottle, and disk), as if the long painting the same place, the ugly streaks are formed; remove them then it will be difficult.When the pot is dry, you can paint again go for a more vivid color.

And then, finally, can be transplanted flower in his new “residence” and give the birthday girl at a birthday party.

Sure that the gift is sure to appeal to your mom and help her decorate the kitchen window sill or on the balcony.

DIY Flower Pot by Podoraok Rukami

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