DIY Chicken Coop Plans & Ideas


If you live in the country and like fresh eggs and the sounds of chickens clucking happily then building a chicken coop may be the right plan for you. If so, here are some chicken coop ideas and we have included a link to an easy DIY chicken coop plan. So use the images for inspiration and when you are ready to build your first chicken coop, take a look at these instructions to get a DIY build under your belt. Keeping your chickens safe from weather and predators should be your priority and this chicken coop plan will help with that.

>> Click here for easy DIY chicken coop plans!

Chicken Coop with Spools (source)

chiken coop made with spools

Rustic Wood Chicken Coop

rustic wood chicken coop

Really Nice Chicken Coop

very nice chicken coop

Triangle Chicken Coop

triangle chicken coop

A Frame Chicken Coop

a-frame chicken coop

Chicken Coop on Wheels

chicken coop on wheels

I do like these more custom chicken coops, you can tell these people love their chickens and love the DIY life! Building a coop your chickens would be happy and proud to live it seems to have been a major part of these coops. Creative and fun for the owners and the chickens!

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