DIY Charging Station Made from a Shoe Box


Raise your hand if you have some charging devices in your home. Smartphones, tablets, digital cameras and other electronic devices have become the norm in our homes. Finding a way to neatly charge them and hide the power cords has become a game of hide and seek. Of course there are many expensive charging stations to choose from, but this is a DIY site and we would rather build it ourselves and have a small, fun and practical project to do. So, with that in mind, I found a tutorial for a DIY charging station made from a shoe box. See the Instructions at Every Day Family.

The nicest thing is I can choose the pattern and color and then change the look of my DIY charging station without much fuss. Feeling you are in a blue period, no problem. Want a little more red in your life? No big deal. Want to blend in with neutral colors? There is a new pattern waiting for you. The choices are nearly endless and it can be done so cheaply and easily.

More pictures of over variations on the Shoe Box Charging Station.

shoebox charging station idea


diy charging station from shoebox

shoe box charging station

diy charging station made shoe box

Make a DIY Charging Station from a Shoe Box

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