Creative Decorating with a Clock Ideas for Your Home

Finding the right clock for your wall can be a bigger deal than just deciding which clock has hands and numbers that are easy to read. It usually depends more about the design of the clock hands and numbers and how they fit with the room. Many things should be considered such as color, size and visual weight of the wall clock. Here are some decorating ideas used with these creative and beautiful clocks.

A clock does far more than just tell you what time it is, a clock can also tell you what type of person you are when done right. Just look at the first clock which uses tea cups for numbers. I can safely assume this person likes tea or coffee and rarely cares what time it is, unless tea is being served. ‘-)


Tiny teacups form a unique and artistic wall clock.


A large, rustic clock pairs nicely with old barn boards on the dining room ceiling.


The oversized marble mosaic Waterworks clock with metal hands is a dramatic, moving eye-catcher under the kitchen range’s existing large brick hood.


A big statement clock is at home above the fireplace in the great room.


In the foyer, a floor mirror and a Swedish clock both stand 8 feet tall, accentuating the ceiling height.


Antique copper items are displayed with a vintage French railroad clock.


Giant hands on the family room wall tell the time in a dramatic way.


Enormous pendulum clock


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Giant clock on the wall

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