How to Clean Microfiber Furniture Cheaply


We all have owned a microfiber furniture at some point in our lives, which means we have all had to clean a microfiber couch or chair. But most of us probably decided to toss the furniture because we gave up on cleaning it. Well, no more! You can clean your microfiber furniture and do it rather cheaply. Unfortunately most upholstery cleaner won’t wok and water will leave a mark. The site Chris and Robin’s Nest goes into great detail for cleaning your microfiber upholstery so read their advice.

While microfiber is stain resistant, it can be a real challenge to clean because it’s a polyester-based material so water will leave a permanent mark when it dries. That means most carpet and upholstery cleaners won’t work. – Robin

The highlights include using rubbing alcohol, she says it is the key. Also, remove the fabric from the cushions to make it easier and to prevent the cushion material from possibly staining underneath. Results on red have been mixed, so test on a hidden area first.

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