How to Build a Wood Hedgehog House


Looking for a cute pet that takes up a small amount of space, doesn’t cost much and won’t fly away? Then you may want to consider a hedgehog for a pet. Not as much work as a dog and probably not as much work as a cat, but certainly a good choice to see if your family and children are ready for the responsibility of pet ownership.

And even better news, this will get you involved in a DIY project when you need to build a cute hedgehog house. We have provided an infographic below with all the instructions on building one yourself.

When your hedgehog house is finished:

  • Place it in a quiet part of your garden, preferably against a boundary wall or fence, and ideally under plant cover
  • Do not use anything to treat the wood – most wood treatments contain chemicals that can be harmful to hedgehogs and other animals
  • If possible, place the house in an untidy area so that when they come out to forage they have some protection
  • Don’t position the entrance so that it’s facing North or North East – this will prevent its residents being subjected to the worst of the winter winds
  • Ideally you should clean the house (using an organic Pyrehthrum powder) once a year, in the spring.


How to Build a Hedgehog House – An infographic by the team at

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