Build a Rustic Wooden Box for an Easy DIY Woodworking Project

Build-a-Rustic-Wooden-Box-for-an-Easy-DIY-Woodworking-ProjectWoodworking can be a daunting hobby, so for those of us who are interested in DIY woodworking projects but aren’t ready to tackle the big projects I hunted around for a simple, easy DIY woodworking project to get our feet wet, so to speak. What could be simpler than building a wood box. But to make it more fun, let’s make it a rustic wooden box with rope handles so it is a decorative piece with functionality.

I found this at Bob Vila’s site and you can see the entire tutorial there. I have also included  large instructional image below so you can pin the image above for a quick visual cue or the one below which is a combo of the images if you want to try and build this visually. Personally I would visit Bob’s site for the text instructions along with the images. 😉

This box, once built, can be used for a host of cool options, but I do like the box holding wine bottles. Very chic. I could see it used on a porch for holding plants as well. Lots of uses, so you might as well make two!

easy diy wood box projectAn easy woodworking project can be the gateway to more complex and fulfiling crafts and DIY builds. Use this to get started and see what you can really do when you start woodworking in earnest. For now though…

Build a Rustic Wooden Box

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