How to Build a DIY Playhouse Your Kids will Love


I want to be a kid again just looking at this cool playhouses. Sure beats a card board box that melts in the rain or a piece of wood leaning against the house, which is about all I had. But today kids can have a house so nice they may not want to come inside, is that a bad idea? Playhouses that look like caves, modern homes, log cabins and even one that looks like a cottage a hobbit might live in.

You can find instructions to make the top children’s outdoor playhouse over here. We also included some more pictures for playhouse ideas.

kid playhouse ideas (8)

kid playhouse ideas (7)

And even a playhouse made from good old wood pallet boards!

kid playhouse ideas (6)

kid playhouse ideas (5)

kid playhouse ideas (4)

kid playhouse ideas (3)

kid playhouse ideas (1)

“How to Effortlessly Build A High Quality Children’s Playhouse In a Single Weekend Without Expensive Tools, Materials, or Years of Woodworking Training”

Get plans to build your child’s outdoor DIY playouse: Click Here!

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