How to Build a DIY Mason Jar Chandelier


I have been featuring some easier DIY project ideas lately. So I wanted to find something a bit more involved, yet not so complicated as to make it too difficult for us novice DIYers. You know, something that you could do and then when your friends saw it they would say “You did that?!?” – right? Where to start?

The faithful mason jar. You can buy from Amazon

Well, we know mason jars are a staple of the DIY/Crafting world so I started with that. But simple storage ideas weren’t what I was looking for. Clear glass mason jars work great for lighting projects so I began searching for DIY mason jar chandelier ideas that we all could do. And luckily I found a few but this tutorial from Nest of Bliss was the best looking, IMHO, and seemed straightforward enough that it could be built by a non-electrician. But if you want to play it safe, build it yourself and get an electrician to install.

And even if you can’t build this mason jar chandelier, it sure it beautiful to admire. I am always looking for submissions to promote on so don’t be shy and send in your project.

Get the full tutorial at Nest of Bliss

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