How to Build a DIY Bottlecap Table on the Cheap


What a creative and fabulous idea for upcycling all those old or used bottle caps you may have collected over the years. Using bottle caps to decorate a table top is a perfect DIY project that will give a unique piece of furniture, some memories (if you collected the bottle caps in your travels), and something very cool to show off to your friends. And showing off is one of the best reasons to get into DIY, dontcha think?

The time for this DIY idea seems to be about 2 days or 1 day if you are really prepared and willing to focus on the task. Picking out a good amount of bottle caps may be the most fun and challenging aspect of this project. if you need help with that, you can buy assorted vintage bottle caps here, if you don’t have your own ready supply. Or get drinking (non-alcohol drinking recommended) to start your personal collection.

In the end you have a colorful table that will be a great conversation piece and the most unique piece of furniture you own.

How to Build a Bottle Cap Table at My So Called Crafty Life


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