How to Build a Corner Bench with Old Chairs


A very sly and clever repurposing DIY project we have here. Take 4 chairs and make them in to a bench and not just any bench, but a corner bench. So My Repurposed Life has taken a single sitting device and made it into a multiple seating device. I love it! The full set of instructions for this project can be found on their site.

Such a great idea, especially if you are trying to figure out what to do with old chairs that you no longer have room or need of. A corner bench makes corner space more valuable and provides additional seating without giving up as much critical room space. A win-win idea all around. I minor bit of wood working may be required to fashion the seat, but Betty does a good job of it, so there may be hope for all of us looking to build a corner bench.

Get off your butt and build a bench, so you can sit down again.

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